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About Cybersalad.net - Hosting for Developers

Cybersalad.net was born May 2000. The primary purpose of the company was and remains to provide linux hosting for developers. Almost all of us at Cybersalad.net are developers who have been through the torture of finding a reasonably priced hosting company that could deal with our needs. We wanted reliability; we wanted flexibility; we wanted a price that wouldn't break our budgets. Of course this combination is rarely found in the wild due to the fact that for most companies the priority is maximizing relatively short-term profits.

We operate on the assumption that the happiness and success of each customer is the primary factor in the 'bottom line'. We don't try to trick our customers with dubious constructs such as 'unmetered bandwidth', 'free SSL certs', or arbitrarily restrictive software. We handle support issues promptly, effectively, and thoroughly. The primary idea of our support policy could be stated as 'measure twice, cut once'. Furthermore our customers and staff spend too much time working with computers to be treated like one. Many friendly relationships are developed as a result of the professional openness encouraged at Cybersalad.net.

If you would like more info on the company please use our contact form.

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