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Cybersalad.net Hosting: Aliases Overview

An alias for practical purposes is an email address. Our hosting customers choose how mail to an email address is routed. When we say you have unlimited aliases we mean that you have unlimited email addresses that you can route however you like.

When mail is sent to an email address at your domain you can choose exactly what you want to do with it.

Mail sent to one of your email addresses it can be:

  • processed through our user customizable anti-spam filter
  • processed through customer defined filters
  • forwarded to outside addresses
  • routed to a local POP account to fetch with your favorite mail client or our powerful webmail software
  • use to trigger an auto-responder: a custom response to the automatically sent to the sender of your incoming mail

Email sent to addresses that have no specific routing associated with them can either be automatically rejected ( the sender will be made aware ) or can be processed by a catchall rule. A catchall rule processes all mail to addresses not specifically set to route mail in any particular way. Mail caught by a catch-all can be routed just like mail sent to a specific address.

Our mail manager makes this process extremely flexible and powerful but amazingly simple. Advanced mail configurations can be made with just a few clicks. For power users our mail manager makes what would normally take hours of conf file editing and rule building just minutes. For users with normal basic email needs our mail manager takes seconds.