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Cybersalad.net Data Backup and Restoration Systems


Cybersalad.net places the utmost value on system and customer data. Systems are placed on multiple autonomous backup paths to provide complete redundancy. Backup integrity is verified through a combination of automated and manual quality assurance systems.

In the event of data loss our restoration systems can flexibly restore a single file, path, or an entire system with minimal loss of time and functionality. Because multiple file snapshots are taken it is possible to restore damaged or lost data from a specific date within a comprehensive time frame.


Incremental daily backups of critical system and customer data. Customers databases and home directory filesystem are dumped to our on-site backup system.

Incremental and full weekly backups of all data are dumped to our on-site backup cluster.

Our on-site backup cluster is taped. Tapes are securely transported to our safe-house for storage in the event of a catastrophic failure.

All dumps undergo a thorough integrity check to ensure functionality during a potential restoration. Our automated integrity verification system combines industry trusted IBM and open-source applications designed specifically for this purpose. Manual inspections and crisis simulations are performed routinely.