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Cybersalad.net: Real bandwidth for real sites

We pride ourselves on offering bandwidth ( AKA "traffic" ) in a strait-forward manner. We do not put daily allowances or hidden caps on your sites bandwidth so your site will not have surprise dips and drops. And you will not incur extra fees for bursts of traffic to your site. Many hosting companies say "x gigs a month" but sneak in daily limits or throttle your bandwidth to allow only a very small per second rate.

Many folks shop for much more bandwidth then they really need. And often what they end up with is a company that's vastly overselling and can not actually backup their limits. At cybersalad.net you are getting an honest price for honest bandwidth.

There are no tricks in how we measure bandwidth. Bandwidth is measured either by average or by literal total per month. All new customers are measured by the literal total used.

Our shared servers are each given a true 100mbps switch. What this means comes down to is that each server can handle a full load. Many hosting companies have their servers overloaded and on a 10mbps switch and bottlenecks result. For more information on our networking click here.