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Cybersalad.net standard development environment overview

Cybersalad.net goes beyond industry standard php support. Developers have their choice of using php as an apache module or as a cgi. We build in support for just about every common and some not-so-common php extensions. We offer custom php configurations and extension support on a individual customer basis. General info on php is available here.

We run perl as a cgi under SuExec on shared servers and offer developers the option of mod_perl on dedicated systems. We have an extensive module support. We honor all requests for stable and secure module installations. Cybersalad.net includes our own in house modules and libraries in our perl builds. General perl info is available here.

Cybersalad.net supports ruby as a standard cgi and mod_ruby ( currently mod ruby is available only on dedicated servers ). Eruby is available for developing in the imbedded programming paradigm commonly assocaited with php and asp. General info on Ruby is available here.

In addition to the standard python environment, Cybersalad.net supports python web developement extensions such as Zope, Albatross, Quixote and more. General info on python is available here.

Cybersalad.net provides a feature rich PostgreSQL hosting environment. All of our development language builds include postgreSQL support. Database admisitration is supported via the shell and through our web-based Postgres administration panel. We support custom compilations on dedicated servers and custom configurations on shared servers. General inf on PostgreSQL is available here.

Cybersalad.net supports MySQL in all of our supported development languages. We support flexible configurations and administration. MySQL databases can be administered through the shell and with our MySQL administrarion web-based control panel. We assist customers with custom MySQL configurations and user permission administration. General info on MySQL is available here.

Our tcl support includes standard CGI and Websh CGI support. mod_tcl is supported on dedicated servers. General information on tcl is available here.

Cybersalad.net supports the WebDAV development protocal on select shared and dedicated servers. WebDAV is a powerful alternative to proprietary publishing protocals such as frontpage. General information on WebDAV is available here.