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Cybersalad.net Control Panel

Website developers love the cybersalad.net control panel. We've chosen to go beyond the standard panels that every other host uses and offer something truly helpful to site developers. Our control panel is based on webmin and virtualmin (open source software with a long tradition of service to the linux community). We maintain in-house components and optimize the standard components to ensure a highly stable yet progressive administration experience.

Screenshot Standard Panel (adding mail user with context-sensitive help)

Cybersalad.net Developers Control Panel.

Functions Overview:

  • Robust mail administration
  • Resource usage and reporting
  • Complete Apache administration
  • Multiple database administration tools
  • Custom script installations
  • Cron management
  • System docs interface
  • Statistics management
  • SSH management and built-in java client
  • Built-in ftp client
  • Flexible webmail
  • Site promotion support
  • Spam Assassin administration
  • GPG management
  • In depth support area containing faqs on all common subjects.

One important note is that we do not force our customers to use the panel for their needs. Customers can use all standard *nix tools to manage htpasswd, databases, mail etc. We provide the panel as a simple alternative for those who want the ease and convenience of high level tools.