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Cybersalad.net FAQ

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Do you support eruby for imbedding ruby into html like standard php practice?

Yes. We will generally support any secure linux development environment.

What control panel do you use?

We maintain a custom webmin based control panel.  Click here for more info on our control panel.

What type of linux does cybersalad.net use?

To see why check out http://www.debian.org/users/#Cybersalad

Does cybersalad.net support Mambo CMS?

Yes with the 50mb account and above.  Many hosts claim to support mambo but in fact have php settings that make common tasks like installing modules a problem.  You can be sure that at cybersalad.net your mambo site will work as it's intened to work.

Do you provide php as an apache module or as a CGI?

We support both php as a module and as a CGI binary. Feel free to check out our development overview for details.

Do you provide Zope hosting?

Yes, Zope support is available at an extra charge.

Can you provide hosting for WebGUI users?

Yes. Please see our CMS info for specifics.

Do you charge any fees to upgrade or downgrade accounts?

Absolutely not.  You can change your account type at any time.

Do I receive access to the outgoing SMTP mail server?

Yes,  although many folks prefer to use their ISP for SMTP.

Can I set up pointer sites or subdomains?

Yes we will gladly do just about any DNS modification for you. Things like virtual nameservers and autonomous subdomains cost a small fee and things like MX records and TTL would of course be free.

Do you maintain your own servers?

Yes. Though we do offer reseller plans we maintain our own servers.

Do you have shared SSL certs?

Yes we provide a shared SSL cert for free in each plan. You can also install your own if you like.

How fast is your e-mail support?

Our average response time is within 1 hour. We offer 24 hour support by e-mail.

When I register a domain name through you, who owns it?

You own it. When we register a name we use our default generic info and allow you to change this at any time.

What catches does the 30 day guarantee have?

None. If you are unhappy with your hosting service for any reason all, hosting charges will be refunded to you. This of course does not include domain names and any other non-hosting service provided by us. For full details on our 30 day guarantee click here...

Is my bandwidth burstable?

Yes, this is another feature you rarely see at this price. We put no restrictions on bandwidth, so there is no need to worry about spikes. If you go above your allotted bandwidth, you will be charged per Gig for anything over what a given account allows for. For more information on our strait-forward bandwidth policy click here...

What if I need help developing my site?

We provide a great deal of documentation and tools to help you help yourself. We also have specialists on hand for various types of premium support (scripting etc.). Our support team will answer most basic development questions free of charge, premium support comes in with questions like "How do I get this script to use an SQL database instead of a flat file database?". We are all about providing an environment that encourages the development of the 'newbie' and the expert alike. Most of the time we err on the side of giving 'too much' information.

I have a question that's not answered here.

You can use the help form and we'll get you an answer shortly.