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Cybersalad.net Network

Network Overview:

Multi million dollar east coast NOC built from the ground up for clean, reliable connectivity. 100% Cisco routed (no hubs here). Dual OC-48 SONET Ring connectivity to multiple backbone providers POPs. Environmentally controlled for temperature, humidity, static, and air quality. Diesel Generators capable of sustaining operations for more than a week. 24 hour on site security.


SONNET Ring with dual OC-48, A point-to-point OC-3 and multiple DS-3 connected to UUnet, AT&T, Sprint, Quest, Cable & Wireless, and more.
100% cisco routed using CISCO 6500 series core switches and GSR12000 series routers for distribution and load balancing. For specific information on shared server bandwidth features click here...

Power System:

The backup power system has been designed for complete redundancy and expandability. There are 3, 1 Ĺ Megawatt Onan generators and 3, 500 kva PowerWare UPS systems. We have 5 days of power until refueling is necessary. The UPSís are designed as a true n+1 configuration. There will always be two (2) UPSís on line with a 3rd in standby, however only one is necessary to maintain operations in the event of a catastrophic failure.


24 x 7 monitoring by on-site personnel. Backed by motion sensors, SecurityLink alarm systems, guarded limited access.


24 x 7 real-time monitoring at the network, server, and applications levels.