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Cybersalad.net POP account basics

A POP account is an an individual mail login. It is not equivalent to a email address. Email addresses are associated with POP accounts. At cybersalad you can associate as many email addresses as you like with a single POP account. The POP login is then used to get mail sent to any of the addresses associated with it. This can be done through a mail client like eudora, mozilla, outlook etc. or through our webmail system ( available to all hosting customers ).

The cybersalad.net mail manager allows customers to:

  • create/delete/edit pop accounts
  • associate an unlimited amount of email addresses with any POP account
  • Each POP user can set their own anti-spam configuration
  • Each POP user can create automatic vacation/auto-response messages
  • Each POP user can configure our webmail client to their liking
  • Each POP user can forward their mail to alternative addresses
  • Each Mail user has access to custom mail filtering rules
  • You as the administrator can set disk quotas on each POP account
  • advanced alias management
Email addresses for your site that are to be forwarded to an outside email address with no need for intervention can be setup simply as an address alias, this will not use any of your POP accounts and is unlimited.

For more general info on our mail service please click here...