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Cybersalad.net Reseller FAQ

Do you provide an anonymous backend for reseller clients?

Yes we do. Cybersalad.net is known for it's seamless provisioning of hosting services. Resellers receive their own nameservers. They use their own shared certs. They are even able to brand our control panel.

What is your starting rate for your reseller program?

That depends on exactly what you need, but to give a basic idea the smallest standard package is five 50mb accounts @ $35.00/mo.

Can I host adult sites with your reseller plan?

No. Every specification of our user agreement must be followed by the reseller and their customers.

Can I manage all of my sites through one control panel login?

Yes. Resellers are placed on servers specially designed for reselling. However, some clients prefer a more bare-bones system in which everything is managed on the shell. As with most configuration issues, we are known to be very flexible.

Can I setup accounts myself in real-time?

Yes. Trusted resellers are allowed control of account setups and DNS.

What happens when I build up x accounts?

Pricing is reduced at regular intervals. Dedicated servers are setup for resellers large enough for them. Simply, we provide room for you to grow.
For current details please use the reseller info request form.

I have a question that's not answered here

For further details on our reseller program please use the reseller info request form. The shared hosting matrix and the shared hosting FAQ may also provide useful information.