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Cybersalad.net Additional Services

This document describes services other than simple hosting. Please see the Price/Feature matrix on the home page for virtual hosting plan details.

Domain Registration: $15/per year.

CGI Scripting / Support / Installation: $10.00/per 10 minutes

Specialty DNS:

  • Virtual Nameservers: $50 one time setup
  • Non autonomous subdomain: $10 setup.
  • Non autonomous 'pointer/parked' site: $10 setup.
  • MX record modification: Free

Specialty Accounts:

  • Additional Shell Accounts: $5.00 per month
  • Additional POP or FTP accounts: .50 per month (we are flexible here, if you need an extra login or two, we'll usually waive the fee.)

Website Design: Varies. Pricing based upon the intensity and scope of the project. We have in house and freelance designers available. As always the prices are competitive.

General Premium Development support: $30.00 per/ 30 minutes. If you have a simple, basic development question this fee is not applied. You would always be notified in advance of any support that requires payment. In all cases of premium support, the customer will always be given advance notice of the fact that the work will involve a fee. This customer can always pre-specify time limits in 30 minute intervals. We do not charge for standard support, paid support would be related to site development. Furthermore paid scripting done by us is given free support in the event of bugs.