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Cybersalad.net - Customer Testimonials

We have been a satisfied customer with Cybersalad for the past two years. Since we do telecommunications consulting for multinational clients in Japan and Asia, having a reliable, well maintained web host is critical for us. Additionally, unlike many vendors, Cybersalad has a solidly global approach to business, with fast responses to e-mailed questions regardless of what time-zone we may be e-mailing from. Keep up the good work folks! Ganbatte Kudasai!

Jim Weisser
url: weisser.biz

"For the last two years cybersalad has been hosting two websites for me.  I do not consider myself a webmaster, designer, or expert of any kind.  I am just a business man who realizes the value of a web presence in these moderns times.

Cybersalad has made my web experience a very positive one.  Specifically their support group has been very patient with my questions and has always responded to them in a precise and logical manner without making me feel like an idiot.  They have been particularly helpful in providing advice not only on how to make my sites more compatible with differing browsers but also how to increase random traffic to the sites themselves.  Using their web server statistics in conjunction with careful fine tuning in the site design has steadily increased my web traffic over time.  In addition, over the last two years I do not remember my sites ever being offline except for one scheduled server upgrade which I was informed about well in advance.  

Thanks you Cybersalad for helping a non-technical business man reach beyond his abilities!!"

Ned Lavengood
urls: masonsmithband.com nrlbuilders.com